Who we are?

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Who is Keren Finance?

Keren Finance offers solutions in trade financing and help turn business opportunities into real transactions. The company provides financing products that fill the gaps in trade financing. Going into further details we can point out a certain facet related to provide services and solutions and divide them generally in two possible directions, both are at the forefront of the company’s activity.

Services operated with own sources and provided direct to a client
Means professional consulting services, offered by high level consultants and personnel with individual approach toward the client, including financial management, risk management, audit of the financial activity, financial monitoring and control, development and assistance in the development of the financial statements and documentation, development of the consolidated financial statements to participate in integrated projects, support and assistance during all of the stages of complex transactions, assisting on business development and companies’ administration, etc.

Services with the involvement of сo-operated key sources
Keren Finance has in possession an own valued resource in the form of stable and reliable business cooperation with worldwide financial institutions with example of this is IMPERIAL Banking Group, its direct consistent branch of chain subdivisions and well-established relations with companies of the investment group all around the world. Keren Finance can provide solutions related with relevant implementation of diverse complexity products. We provide the following services as financial monitoring, competent analytics of the data processing and diversified banking. Identifying and attracting financial resources for projects implementation – investments, loans, grants. All of the issues, related to the bank services, instruments, crediting, private investments, bank accounts operating’s. Development and implementation of the investment projects by providing solutions in receiving financial loans and commodity credits signing contracts with manufacturers and persons involved in the process of implementing claimed of the project. And host of other things.
Being an investor itself Keren Finance also works with partners-investors in attracting investment to make further payments of interest.


You will have expert support for your business, stable transactions, reliable support services, flexible pricing policy and high level of legal support and assistance by choosing our company.


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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