Our Services

What Do We Offer?

Keren Finance provides the following services:

    • On  all of the issues, related to the bank services, instruments
    • Financial assistance
    • Assistance with financial administration – financial management and risk management
    • Auditing, expertise of financial statement and documentation, controlling:
    • Audit of the financial activity
    • Financial monitoring and control
    • Development and assistance in the development of the financial statements and documentation
    • Development of the consolidated financial statements to participate in integrated projects
    • Identiying amd attracting financial resources for projects implementation – investments, loans, grants
    • Support and assistance during all of the stages of complex transactions
    • Assisting on business development and companies’ administration
    • Legal support and assistance
    • Opening bank accounts in stable bank structure
    • Crediting
    • Private investments
    • Investments’ modernization
    • Development and implementation of the investment projects
    • Purchase of the legal entities
    • Reorganization of the legal entities – association (merger or absorption), demerger (division or separation), liquidation
    • Optimization of the legal entities’ activity
    • Lobby of the companies’ interests on the international markets, assisting companies on entering the new markets – legal, technical. logistical support
    • Business promotion for the client, development and implementation of the marketing strategies

The team of Keren Finance offers assistance to the beneficiary’s company in the following directions:

  • Identifying the most appropriate solutions at all levels of the company management;
  • elaboration and implementation of the management structure, appropriate to the needs of client’s business, in order to improve business processes and manage the costs, associated o the trading activities;
  • structuring the financial flows and supply chain (if necessary);
  • restructuring the business;
  • legal support while negotiating, signing and registering significant transactions, legal assistance in the courts on economical cases, if such appear.

The team members of Keren Finance are professionals, with high level experience in the above-mentioned areas, with a commitment to high quality and standards. Working closely with our customers, Keren Finance will assist them to achieve their strategic goals. The quality of the services, provided by our team, is based on high level professionalism, due to the usage of the appropriate methodologies and new technologies in all spheres of activity.

Keren Finance will support and assist the clients during all of the stages of complex international and internal transactions, taking into account clients’ capital needs and business strategies, taxation peculiarities, personnel management and corporate financing.

Every transaction, whether it’s an acquisition, disposal, refinancing, restructuring or initial public offering one, has certain Legal, financial and tax implications. A proper understanding and careful planning of the mentioned implications might mitigate transaction risks, enhance opportunities and provide crucial negotiation insights. Our support in the field of complex support of the transactions will help our client to make well-calculated and informed decisions, comprehensively evaluating all the consequences of one or another transaction, this helping to achieve the strategic goals of the client’s company.