Frequently Asked Questions related with commodity credit

I’ll start in order, what is US Ex-Im Bank? , this is a reputable agency that has multi-billion dollar funds to support U.S. export companies

As the cash from US Ex-Im Bank. No he appoints a first-class financial institution located in the US to pay for your project it could be a city bank, a chase bank, etc. This is called the lender Bank

What is the local cost of 30% and why are they listed to the customer?

Over-allocated amount will be allocated additional 15 to 30% of cash for local works (performed by organizations on your order, as well as for the purchase of materials (concrete for foundations) necessary for the implementation of the project. Have their funds for local work you can not take this money

Maximum for what term is possible credit? 1 year to 10, depending on the project.

U.S. exporters of capital equipment and services face a special set of challenges when attempting to win international sales. Foreign buyers who require extended-term financing may face prohibitively expensive borrowing rates in their home country, blocking them from buying U.S. products and services.
EXIM’s loan guarantees support U.S. exporters in securing competitive financing for their creditworthy international buyers. By providing a loan guarantee to an American.-based commercial lender, EXIM can unlock financing otherwise unavailable to a foreign buyer seeking to purchase U.S. products and services.
Medium and long-term loan guarantees are suitable for large scale projects involving the export of high-value capital equipment or services.

EXIM fills export financing gaps through its insurance, guarantee, and direct lending programs when the private sector is unable or unwilling to do so. At the same time, private sector lenders are EXIM’s partners and often work directly with EXIM to ensure exporters can access the capital they need to compete overseas. The vast majority of EXIM transactions directly involve commercial financial institutions.

Yes, you can, but not from you but from the bank of the guarantor who will work with you

Libor + 2-2.5% from the United States

It is important for us that the customer should have a clear idea of the future project, competently set out his wishes and requirements to the project.

The customer must have real organizational capabilities related

-Obtaining various permits from the authorities (or having them on hand);

-To have quotas or futures on the basic raw materials for the future enterprise, and also support of the project on the part of electro, gas, water, warmly supplying organizations;

-qualified personnel to communicate with specialists from the USA

Factories manufacturers can not raise the price, so this deal is countercontracted by the U.S. government, Clement can express his dissatisfaction with the price, or at his request to change the supplier through the exporter.

Any that are produced in the United States, except for raw materials and military equipment

The credit depends on the credit rating of the country

With the pages that do not have a dip. Relations with the USA, and where military actions are conducted, and with Russia it is possible to work, only through the third country (Kazakhstan)

When EXIM Bank provides medium- or long-term guarantee, loan, or insurance support for U.S. exports for foreign projects, it may also provide local cost support. Local costs are those project-related costs for goods and services incurred in the buyer’s country.
EXIM Bank can support up to 30% of the value of the U.S exports for locally originated and/or manufactured goods and services subject to the following availability and eligibility guidelines.

To allocate a credit line as a letter of interest from US Ex-Im Bank. After sending your application and signing the contract for processing services, takes up to 40 working days, the letter is really 6 months if we do not have time to pass for another 6 months, and otherwise how quickly you will work with your bank guarantor, some Takes 3 months from other 7-8

Up to $250 mln. One tranche

The bank should have a good international rating, and depending on the project, the bank (not including serious European banks) must have a statutory capital of not less than 200 million dollars.