Aim to Key Industries

Special Initiatives have been formulated to provide services and assist industries that have high growth rates, great potential and are highly competitive in the Global Marketplace.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas sector is a key industry due to its overall size and importance to the economy and high employment rates.


The Bank’s activities over the decades underscore its commitment to maintaining the competitiveness of exporters in the mining sector, thereby helping to create and sustain jobs with the suppliers and sub-suppliers of mining exports across the world.



Keren Finance is active in its support of a broad range of agricultural products.

Renewable Energy

According to Clean Edge, Inc., a leading market analyst, the global clean tech sector is expected to grow approximately 130% over the next decade, from a $144 billion industry to $343 billion. Additionally, a study by the Pew Charitable Trust found that jobs in this sector are growing at a rate faster than other sectors, increasing 9.1% compared with 3.7% between 1998 and 2007.

Medical Equipment & Services

Medical Technologies is a sector with great potential for future growth with a high level of quality and innovation second to none.

Construction Equipment and Services

Keren Finance experience in the Construction and Civil Works sectors has included a broad range of products and applications.


Keren Finance anticipates that demand for its financing in support of this key industry of the economy will remain strong.

Gas Powered Gas Plants

In the electric power sector, natural gas is an attractive choice for new generating plants because of the low initial cost, flexible power output, relative fuel efficiency and low carbon dioxide intensity.

Coal Fired Power Plants

Keren Finance has supported numerous coal fired power plants in the past.